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Hasslacher's Fine Colombian products

100% Cacao | 100% Natural | No Added Sugar | Zero Cholesterol | High in Natural Antioxidants

Hasslacher's Colombian Hot Drinking Chocolate.

Hasslachers drinking chocolate, made from 100% natural ingredients with no added sugar, our gourmet hot chocolate is 100% Cacao from the Criollo and Trinitario beans, which gives our 'solid bar' hot drinking chocolate a unique rich taste, that is also high in natural antioxidants, our secret recipe has been a family favourite in Colombia since 1906.

Drinking Chocolate discs

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Solid Bar Drinking Chocolate


Hasslacher's are probably the only brand of drinking chocolate that is sold in the United Kingdom that is manufactured entirely in the country where the beans are actually grown thus creating a more sustainable and robust fair trade mechanism.

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  1. Hasslachers Drinking chocolate drops 250g

    Hasslachers Drinking chocolate drops 250g


    Colombian hot chocolate

    Hasslachers, 100 percent natural Colombian hot chocolate, a gourmet hot chocolate drink made with a 100% Cacao Learn More
  2. Hasslacher’s Drinking chocolate drops

    Hasslachers Drinking chocolate drops 150g


    Real hot chocolate drink

    For the best hot chocolate drink, use Hasslachers Drinking chocolate, Makes a natural real hot chocolate drink, made from 100% pure cacao Learn More
  3. Tubes Hasslacher’s drops 200g

    Tubes Hasslacher’s Drops 200g


    For the Perfect Hot Chocolate

    luxury hot chocolate drops, made from Cirollo and Trinitario beans, which makes the perfect Hot Chocolate drink, these rare beans are unmatched in flavour Learn More

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