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Hasslacher's Fine Colombian products

Drinking chocolate bar

Drinking chocolate bar

Hasslacher’s Gourmet hot chocolate a ‘Solid Bar’ Colombian drinking chocolate with a unique taste made from 100% natural ingredients with no added sugar, 100% cacao with nothing added, made in Colombia where the finest native South American Criollo and Trinitario beans are grown.These rare beans are superior in flavour and constitute only 7% of the total world cocoa produced each year.

Hasslacher's are probably the only brand of drinking chocolate which is sold in the UK that is made entirely in the country where the beans have actually grow. This provides local employment, improves traceability, creating a more sustainable and robust fair trade mechanism. Therefore, no cacao beans are traded on the open market but rather bought directly from the farmers and growers, through their own co-operative supply chain, providing better prices than traded beans, where middle men are involved.

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